Mindful Yoga for Mood

Have you heard the news? Scientific research has shown that the ancient practice of yoga can be a powerful tool for improving our mood. Really? How? Regular yoga practice can have positive effects on our nervous system, metabolism, and biochemical balance, not to mention the potential benefits for the rest of our bodies. Are you curious to see what changes could happen for you?

Mindful Yoga for Mood is taught using a gentle, intuitive style of yoga that encourages you to access your body’s own wisdom as a way to manage stress and improve your mood.* For this class, I will be putting aside my psychologist hat and putting on my yoga teacher hat.

In this small class, we will explore:

  • Yoga poses that are energizing
  • Yoga poses that are calming
  • Yoga poses that are balancing
  • Breath work
  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • Developing a daily yoga routine

Course Details

Who Can Take This Class? This course is open to all levels of yoga students, including beginners.

Physical Requirements: Students need to be able to get up and down from the floor. The class pace is easy to moderate.

What to Bring? Your own yoga mat (required), yoga props and blanket (optional)

Dates and Time: To be scheduled after Covid-19.
Location: 8340 Meadow Road (in the Meeting Room), Dallas, TX 75231

Price: $175

Pre-registration required, maximum 8 students. To inquire or register, please call my office at 972.742.2186  or email me at doctorjen@jenniferhartman.com.

Click here for a PDF of this flyer.
Click here for a PDF the registration form.

Current or former yoga students may click on this link to access the online class guide.

*This course is for exercise purposes only and is not intended to serve as stand-alone treatment for any physical condition or mental illness. Consult your treating physician before undertaking a new exercise routine.