A Prayer for Our Country

prayer-candleMay we all know healing, resilience, and perseverance.

May we all renew our commitment to treat each other with basic respect, dignity, and compassion, and remember that our children are watching. Indeed, history is watching.

May we all role-model for our children how to unite a nation divided.

May we all have hope and stay connected to a sense of equanimity, the idea that while storms may be raging all around us, there is an abiding calm deep within ourselves.

May we all maintain perspective that every ugliness occurs at the exact moment a new leaf unfurls somewhere in the world.

May we all remember that we are part of something bigger than ourselves, whether that be God or the universe or something else entirely.

May we all remember that we are made of amazing stuff, whether that be sparks of the divine or stardust.

May we all recall that almost every task is made easier with collaboration and support.

May we all hold gently the truth that life is imperfectly imperfect.

May we all allow ongoing awareness that kindness begets kindness and hatred begets hatred.

May we all pledge to remain mindfully wise, making room for our rational thought and our emotions to function in cooperation.

May we all remember that there is always a light in the darkness. Always.

May we all experience joy, laughter, and love in our lives.